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Watercolour Art

Watercolour painting became a passion for Ann MacKenzie more than twenty-five years ago.  She attends a few workshops a year to challenge her technique and style, and to learn from others. 

Winter and spring of 2023

School Days
Dory & Pelicans
Shells and Rocks
Holly Vine
Braids of Onions
exposed stones
After Bath
Snail Snacking

Summer 2022

Sun on Underwater Pebbles
Carrot Harvest
Closer Look
Baby Raccoon
Baby Skunk
Misty Roses
Rusty Chev
Puffin Party
Lacy Iris
Little Shop of Horrors
Jugs from competition
Puff balls
Birth of a Sunflower
Morning Glory
Grape Leaves in Fall
Translucent umbrellas
Tree Frog Trio
Serenity Stones
Mushroom Gathering
Cart from competition
Ocean Shore
Waterdrops on Violet
Waterdrops on Blush Rose
Inked Caps
Rocks & 'Chelles
Wet Succulent
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