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Watercolour Paintings

Ann believes that being around others who are creating art is essential to the growth of one's skills as an artist. She attends workshops to learn from others and to absorb techniques, and then attempts to incorporate new ideas into her own art.

Pos_Neg branch
Rusty Chev
Dory & Pelicans
Holly Vine
Shells and Rocks
Puffin Party
Lacy Iris
Little Shop of Horrors
Jugs from competition
Puff balls
Birth of a Sunflower
Morning Glory
Grape Leaves in Fall
Translucent umbrellas
Tree Frog Trio
Serenity Stones
Mushroom Gathering
Cart from competition
Ocean Shore
Waterdrops on Violet
Waterdrops on Blush Rose
Inked Caps
Sea Turtles
School Days
Rocks & 'Chelles
Wet Succulent
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