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Ann MacKenzie

Photo of the artist

Ann MacKenzie is a retired teacher who was raised in Oshawa, Ontario, and taught in Waterloo Region for 31 years. Now she resides half the year in Toronto and the other half near Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 

​Her art training began in high school, but faded for years until her own daughters had art assignments in elementary school. She took up the pencil once again to help with weekly drawings. 

Creativity leaked out of her from an early age through a vow to try all crafts at least once: pottery, leaded glass, calligraphy, macrame, batik, smocking, weaving, knitting, sewing, and pottery. Her sewing skills found an outlet in costume design for competitive dance and then as Props head and Costume designer in live theatre. 

Twenty-five years ago, she took her first watercolour lesson and has been painting ever since. Over time, she began to add portraiture, urban sketching and a brief foray into acrylic pour and painting. She often attends workshops by other artists for exposure to other styles and techniques because she believes in constant learning and growth as an artist.

While writing her fantasy series of novels, she was mucking with acrylic pour. Now her newly published books all have paintings as covers.

PS. the ‘antsy’ comes from Ann C.

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