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Costume design and creator - Shrek the Musical - KWMP 2018

Farquad from Shrek the Musical
Fairytale characters from Shrek the Musical
Fairytale character from Shrek the Musical
Shrek, Donkey, Fionna

Costume Designer and Creator

Into the Woods - KWMP 2013

Witch from Into the Woods
Cinderella's mother from Into the Woods
Cindereela's Stepmother and stepsisters
Little Red Riding Hood as WWII nurse
Motormouth Mabel from Hairspray
Nicest Kids in Town from Hairspray

Costume Designer

and Creator


KWMP 2012

Tracey Turnblatt from Hairspray
Male ensemble from Spring Awakening

Costume Designer and Creator   

Spring Awakening  KWMP  2018

Adult cast from Spring Awakening
Piano teacher from Spring Awakening
Femlae ensemble from Spring Awakening
Whoville from Seussical the Musical
Jungle of Nool from Seussical the Musical

Costume Designer and Creator  


the Musical



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